Spanish Teacher: ¿Cómo estás?

Me: Estoy bitchin’

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My Lovely Fat Dork

After three years being together, it’s over. I never thought this would ever happen. I fell in love for the first time. We grew something so strong and were best friends and lovers. I know everything about him and he knows everything about me. He showed me everything is beautiful in life and I should enjoy it. I started falling in love with him probably close to our second anniversary. I am attracted to him emotionally and physically. He makes me feel beautiful without even saying it. I would get so excited to see him after a long week of school. There was a point he wrote me good morning poems and they would be so beautiful to read (I have them all saved on my iPod). Then they slowly started just being good morning texts but it still warmed my heart. My parents did not like the idea of him being three years older then me and it was hard for them to accept our relationship but they started liking him. My parents like his attitude and his sense of humor. My mom even thinks he’s cute which is weird to hear but it’s true :p he’s very attractive actually. His eyes, nose, hair “flips”, arms, stomach, legs, and everything else made him physically attractive. It was about a year and 9 months where we both had this connection. It was just one look and it brought us close. I felt like connected to him. I had an indescribable feeling. He also had it too. I will never forget that feeling. He was always there for me. I didn’t think someone besides my parents would care so much for me. He would always comfort me or at least do something to be there. I don’t want to go into so much detail because it was our love story but I will say this, I know he’s the one for me. I might be crazy for saying that but I know in my heart and mind that he is my forever. We wouldn’t talk about marriage or kids so much but there were some talks. Even talks about moving in together in a couple of years. I will not state the reason why we ended on social media. I just felt like I needed to say everything on my mind right now.

"I hope you fall in love with someone who always texts back and never lets you fall asleep thinking you’re

I just don’t know how to let it go…

Why does it always have to be like this..


Will there ever be those late night conversations again.. Or At least some kind of communication.


You don’t have only one soul-mate.

If you did,
you would have married your best friend
three years ago.
She knows you
better than her right hand,
and she’ll listen to you cry
from eight states away.

You don’t have only one soul-mate,
because people wake up different parts of you—
parts you never even knew existed.

The boy when you were 15
taught you what it felt like
to get caught kissing in a closet
at the party you never should have been at
in the first place,
without his lips ever touching yours.

When you were 18,
a boy let you know what it’s like
to have your heart lodged in your throat,
because he’s moving 2,000 miles away,
And he won’t tell you when he’ll be back.

You wait until you’re 22
to get attached again,
and this time you feel it in every inch.
It’s as if you got struck by lightning—
the Lichtenberg figure crawls
up your arms and across your back,
like his hands on your skin
while you laid in bed together,
and you thought the thump of your heart
was in time with his.

You don’t have only one soul-mate;
Instead, you have soul-mates,
because your heart is huge
and you have the room.



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